Aspiring Software Engineer

About Me

Dedicated and driven high school student who takes initiatives to pursue personal learning goals and to push into interdisciplinary domains, and who has real client relations experience in training, software management, and web development.


  • NC Weighted GPA

  • SAT

  • ACT

  • National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist


  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Web Frontend
  • Japanese


2018 - present

SFK Franchising Inc.

Customer Experience Manager

Provided level II technical support and training to US and international franchisees for web applications and email.


Statistical Analysis of Learning Efficiency

Research Paper

Analyzed and compared the accuracies of classification neural networks with varying activation functions. The three functions compared were Sigmoid, ReLU, and Swish, and I concluded that Swish led to the highest accuracy in a classification neural network of similar structure to the ones analyzed.
You can take a look at the paper here.


Multilayer Perceptron

Personal Project

Created a multilayer perceptron neural network from scratch to identify numbers from images of handwritten digits. Albeit a bit noisy, I was able to achieve a recognition accuracy of 71%. If I had optimized the structure of the hidden layers and the output layer a bit more, I expect that the noise would decrease and accuracy would increase.


STEM for Success LLC

Paid Freelance Website Development

Created a custom plugin to improve the visibility and messaging of revenue generating programs.

2018 - 2020

STEM For Kids Website UI Redesign

Freelance Website Development

Significantly streamlined the presentation of information and modernized the look and feel of the website, including frontend work (CSS, HTML, C#) and backend work (ASP.NET MVC).


2018 - 2022

Computer Science

Enloe HS

9th Grade: Honors Intro to Computer Science (C++).
10th Grade: Honors Advanced CS (C++, OOP, pointers).
11th Grade: AP CS A (Java, OOP).
12th Grade: IB CS HL (Python, AI, data analysis).

2015 - 2022


Ligon MS and Enloe HS

Middle School: Completed up to Eleventh grade math.
9th Grade: AP Calculus AB/BC.
10th Grade: Calculus III and Applied Differential Equations (University-level courses).
11th Grade: AP Statistics.
12th Grade: IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches.

2015 - 2021


Ligon MS and Enloe HS

Took six years of Japanese, including AP Japanese.
Reasonably proficient when reading, writing, and speaking Japanese.

2019 - 2022

Social Sciences

Enloe HS

Took rigorous social sciences classes including AP World History, AP Psychology, and IB Philosophy to expand my thinking and round out my worldview.